LLUCID is the type inconspicuous skinny kid who puts all of his introvert energy into his passion for music while ducking social obligations. Only to return with genre-bending tracks that keep people asking if its really him rapping & singing when he effortlessly combines nimble rap flows & catchy hooks.

Starting out on the drums at the age of 7 he quickly developed a passion for music which led to learning new instruments and producing his own music. Inspired by artists like J. Cole, Kendrick, Mac Miller and .Paak he carved out his own style combining organic textures with tactile hip hop beats & thought proving lyrics. Always keeping it nonchalant.

„The process of coming of age and developing my musical fingerprint has been going hand in hand ever since and music has always helped me stepping out of my comfort zone, coping with bad emotions and such so this is what my music is about“

The Berlin based artist has produced music in various genres for artists like Samy Deluxe, Wallis Bird, Hundreds, MADANII, etc.

LLUCID first gained recognition releasing 2 EPs together with MADANII, a German-Iranian singer, combining alternative pop music with elements of RnB & Hip Hop. The duo has been featured in magazines like Complex, Musikexpress and released an educational series with DocMartins in 2020.

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