About us

Groenland Records is an independent record label founded by an artist, who always treated other artists with respect. That in itself is already unusual, normally Labels are not run by artists.
Groenland also operates with the greatest possible transparency. That enables the artists to understand and influence processes within the label, everyday .
A small team and efficient international structures allow us to confine ourselves to only a few artists and working with them intensively over a long period of time. Thus we are able to recognize and support the needs of our artists. For us, not the marketing strategy in the foreground,
but the vision and the special thing about our artists, without losing the economic aspects out of eyesight. Stylistically, we sit on the fence and only count the quality of the music.
Therefore, our roster ranges from the legendary electronic pioneers NEU !,
Harmonia and DAF to international acts, such as William Fitzsimmons, Metric and
Susanne Sundfør and nationally successful artists such as Philipp Poisel, BOY and Philipp Dittberner.

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