Miki Yui – Oscilla

“oscilla” is the fifth full length solo album of Japanese artist Miki Yui and it is her first release on her new imprint MY. Miki Yui has a background in fine arts and works in the fields of music, drawing, installation and performance. Her works have been shown worldwide. Between 2000-2008 Miki Yui has been working and living together with Klaus Dinger (1946- 2008) of NEU! and La Duesseldorf. She was a pivotal member of the group “Japandorf” (which consisted besides Klaus Dinger only of Japanese fine artist) who released a self titled debut album on Grönland Records in 2013. “Japandorf” was the last ever production of the founder of NEU! and La Düsseldorf. Delicate signals, from a tiny hiss to a distant hum are crafted into unhurried pieces of music charged with narrative tension. Ever since her first album in 1999, she developed her own unique style of music composition of environmental recordings and recorded sounds of objects woven into abstract landscapes.

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