William Fitzsimmons – Live – LP

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  1. Hear Your Heart (Live in Chicago)
  2. Beautiful Girl (Live in Chicago)
  3. A Part (Live in Chicago)
  4. Nothing Can Be Changed (Live in Chicago)
  5. Pittsburgh (Live in Chicago)
  6. Fortune (Live in Chicago)
  7. I Don’t Feel It Anymore (Live in Chicago)
  8. People Change Their Minds (Live in Chicago)
  9. Lions (Live at The Troubadur in LA)
  10. Ghosts of Penn Hills (Live at The Troubadur in LA)
  11. Afterall (Live in Chicago)
  12. Shattered (Live in Chicago)
  13. Everywhere (Live in Cologne)
  14. Hear Your Heart (Live Acoustic Session in Amsterdam)
  15. Passion Play (Live in Paris)
  16. We Feel Alone (Live at The Troubadur in LA)
  17. What Hold (Live at The Troubadur in LA)

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