My Luminaries

My Luminaries

In places it’s like The Arcade Fire if they’d been inspired by a series of weddings rather than funerals. Elsewhere… Pavement on amphetamines


“My Luminaries are a hinterland of disturbingly good ideas. With a three course lyrical content, they show the white of their eyes and charge headlong into the unknown territory that once put the spike into Socrates’ deadly nightcap. It is one step removed from the production line of bands with nothing to say and one stumbling leap for originality. Add to this eschewed hooks with a dazzling spirit and its clear that they are fast anchoring themselves to that rare fleet of seminal British guitar bands.

Extensive gigging has sharpened their skills, meshing a new found complexity and a bundle of charm into cut throat anthems. Next single, Jumping The Great White (20th November, Grönland) is like a short-circuiting pace maker. Each stop-start riff more urgent than the last. It is a three minute summary of existence. Only one you can dance to. Similarly, The Sound of Music manages to propel the dark matter of junkie love into life affirming, white noise. Recent support shows with Delays and Badly Drawn Boy has introduced this new material to a growing army of fans, who have involuntary laid bare the cracks of venue floors across the UK.

Its in this following that the band have really begun to gather momentum. Like a partisan military, little My Luminaries communities have taken root across the country. The devotion to their Myspace page rivals most shrines to Saints. Yet, the thing that sets them apart is how all this web activity is maintained. Namely, the fans themselves run the site in their local area. So whether it’s London or Brighton, groups of My Luminaries missionaries are feverously working away, promoting gigs and spreading the word of mouth.

With fresh label backing and a country wide tour set for November, they can now afford to play shows in the far flung out posts of Lumin land without being hunted down by regional bank managers.

The possibilities are endless. Chances of hearing anything better are slim.”

Matt Dyson

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