Dutch singer-songwriter Dotan continues his fast ascent with his second single this year,following his debut multi-platinum album in 2014. Comeback track ‘Numb’ launched to great acclaim this Summer – premiered by every major Dutch radio station on the day of launch, becoming a top airplay single in various territories, still flying high in lots of international Shazam charts, and already at over 4 million streams to date. New single ‘Letting Go’ continues with the new bold sound that ‘Numb’ showcased, along with some of his most open and personal lyrics. 

Written and recorded in LA earlier this year, Dotan said of the track Letting Go’ is about being who you really are and getting rid of that anxiety created by your environment, expectations, but most of all created by yourself. Taking control of your own life and your own path is something very powerful and changes everything.” 

The single proceeds a return European and North American tour for Dotan, which includes a sold out hometown underplay show at Amsterdam’s Paradiso.

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