Grönland Records presents SUSANNE SUNDFØR!

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Grönland Records is proud to announce the signing of Susanne Sundfør. The highly praised Norwegian singer-songwriter has been hailed as one of her countries most gifted young talents. Norway’s “Dagbladet” has even gone as far as stating that, “Norway’s other young artists have to cry when they listen to Susanne Sundfør, that is how far she is ahead of them.” Since bursting onto the scene in 2007, with her debut single “Walls” from her first album “Susanne Sundfør”, the 24 year old has been a chart regular in Norway and has received several awards, most prominently the Spellemannprisen for “Best Female Artist” in 2008. Grönland Records will release her new album “The Brothel” in Europe, on 20 May 2011. It marks a new chapter in Sundfør’s career as for the first time her album will be released outside her home country.

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